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              "Your Selection, 
     Grilled To Perfection!!"
DADDY KINO'S KAFE & CATERING is a family owned and operated mobile food trailer. We are a mobile catering service that specializes in mouthwatering ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage and smoked boudin that will keep you coming back for more. Our meats are slow smoked to perfection over a blend of soft and hard woods and we offer a variety of signature side dishes. Whether it's a backyard barbecue, wedding reception, birthday party or family reunion. Call DADDY KINO'S KAFE & CATERING to make your event complete. No event is too large or small. 
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           Customer Comments

"DADDY KINO'S KAFE & CATERING is awesome! I've used them on several occasions. However, the most memorable event was my husband's 50th birthday party. The food was fresh and delicious. They were on time and very professional. I had enough things to coordinate and worry about on that day but the food wasn't one of them. Here's a list of my favorites: Cajun fried turkey, Crawfish with turkey necks, and I can't forget the one of a kind Kino's barbecue sauce on the chicken and ribs. Just delicious!!!"

Dianne J. 
"I have used DADDY KINO'S KAFE and Catering many times. The food was delicious and had a homemade taste. I would recommend Kino's to everyone-it is just that good!"

Linda D.  

"Best Fried Turkey/Bar-B-Que in the Houston area! Joe is an outstanding chef and consument professional for your catering needs! You will be hooked!!"


​"DADDY KINO'S KAFE & CATERING is hands down the best, the ribs and brisket just melts in your mouth. The Daddy Kino's sauce is one of a kind. I will be doing more business with them again. Prices are very reasonable. A must try!!!"
Misti S. 

​"DADDY KINO'S KAFE & CATERING is some of the best meat I have ever had. Well cooked, flavor all the way through from beginning to end. Service was fast and well priced."

Bradley H. 

​"There are plenty of BBQ places in Texas, but none that push the flavor buttons like DADDY KINO'S. From the first bite to the last one pure perfection Ribs, Chicken and Brisket hands down the best!!! If you get the Gumbo you won"t be disappointed."


​"If you have never tasted DADDY KINO'S BBQ then I'm not sure you have ever had any finger licking good meat that's smoked and Barbecued to perfection"

Taloura M.

"Just great, the flavor is the bomb. You want real smoked flavor DADDY KINO'S is the best!!!

Elenor C.